American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)

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1910s: A Tumultuous Decade

Manufacturer warranty may not apply Learn more about Amazon Global Store. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Fenway through the years timeline Fenway Park's inaugural year was exceptional on many levels. After extensive construction in the early months of , Fenway Park hosted its first game on April 9, an exhibition between the Red Sox and Harvard College. Censuses are not conducted in a vacuum. They occur amidst internal and external crisis, shifts in cultural interests, and events that become "defining moments" for each generation.

Census data reflect the growth of the population as well as the changing values and interests of the American people. Fast Facts provides a portrait of the United States both statistically and culturally.

In addition to census-related statistics, the innovations, events, and icons of each decade are highlighted. Each page illustrates the thought and culture of the population counted during each decade's census. April 15, - In census of counted a United States population of 92,, The center of the United States population was now within the city confines of Bloomington, Indiana. May 11, - The start of American domestic tourism occurs with the establishment of Glacier National Park in Montana. Spurred by the development of the Great Northern Railroad, this park helped begin the See America First campaign to encourage United States tourists before and during World War I to visit the western states and territories.

Later that same year, on November 7, the first flight to carry freight would depart from Huffman and deliver its cargo to Columbus, Ohio. Ely lands his plane on the deck of the USS Pennsylvania for the first landing of a plane on a ship. May 15, - Standard Oil is declared an unreasonable monopoly by the United States Supreme Court and ordered dissolved under the powers of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

May 30, - The Indianapolis auto race is run for the first time in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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U.S. Timeline, The 's - America's Best History

The race is won by Ray Harroun in the Marmon Wasp. August 8, - The law establishing the number of United States representatives at is passed. It would go into effect in after the elections.

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September 17, - Technology moves forward. The first transcontinental airline flight was begun in New York by C. It would complete its journey to Pasadena, California after numerous stops and 82 hours and 4 minutes in the air on November 5. April 20, - Fenway Park in Boston opens. June 6, - Mount Katmai in southwest Alaska erupts in one of the largest recorded volcanic expulsions in the history of the world. It was designated Katmai National Monument in as protection against future eruptions. November 5, - In the first election of a Democratic candidate since , Woodrow Wilson overcame a three way race for the presidency when former President Teddy Roosevelt donned the nomination of the Progressive Party to tackle the election against Wilson and incumbent President and Republican William Howard Taft.

This split caused the election of Wilson, who garnered Electoral College votes to 88 for Roosevelt and only 8 for Taft. It is the third station on that site; the original depot built in and upgraded in February 3, - The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, allowing the Federal government treasury to impose an income tax.

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  • Throughout the United States, local ordinances are established to segregate neighborhoods. Louis establish such ordinances separating African-American and white neighborhoods. Omega Psi Phi is established at Howard University. An estimated sixty-one African-Americans are lynched. Handy publishes "Memphis Blues" in Memphis. The 50th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation is celebrated.

    Woodrow Wilson's administration establishes federal segregation. Across the United States, federal work environments, lunch areas, and restrooms are segregated.

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    African-American newspapers such as the California Eagle began campaigns to protest the portrayal of African-Americans in D. Griffith's Birth of a Nation.

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    • As a result of editorials and articles published in African-American newspapers, the film was banned in many communities throughout the United States. The Oklahoma Grandfather Clause is overturned in Guinn v.

      African-American History Timeline: 1910 to 1919

      Carter G. The song was written and composed by two brothers, James Weldon and Rosamond Johnson.

      American Greatest Hits by Year, 1840-2013

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      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)
      American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades) American Decades 1910-1919 (American Decades)

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