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18 'Dark' Thoughts You're Not the Only One Having

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I know this is very wordy, but I hope this helps and I will be praying for you everyday:. I can pinpoint the exact day mine started as well - May 4th, I suggest getting help from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and possibly going on some anti-anxiety medication. I have heard Anafranil works well for intrusive thoughts.

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Lately, I have been doing exposure therapy where I repeat the thought over and over for mins a day to reduce its power. That seems to work okay. I record my anxiety level on paper before, during and after the exercise. Hope this all helps. I feel you. I suffer ftom them as well, and they bring me to tears, cause I never would do the things That is running through my mind.

I am always in situations where I can be just driving. And I will have the thought. What If I just hit the people walking. I know percent I wouldnt. But the thoughts are always popping up. They all started out out of the blue. And the give me anxiety and took me through deep depression. Seeing Im not alone Is a total relief, and I am finding new coping mechanisms. I read somewhere that and Inositol helps to alleviate the thoughts.

I also read inositol is depleted by caffeine. You may have more unwanted thoughts after a lot of caffeine. I hope this helps you. I think what helps most is a combination of this sort of mindfulness work, but also integrative psychiatry which for me is self help in getting proper diet and nutrients that are deficient or low in an ocd and other disorders brain. Research ocd vitamin deficiency.. Iron,Calcium, Vit D, B vitamins, C helps a lot for panic like just eat a kiwi or apple or whatever you can along side chicken, avoid sugar, non organic dairy, gluten, etc.

You have to see what works best for you. My life forever changed on June 6th I was 14 and in the middle of playing a video game when the thought of me possibly being gay popped into my mind in a flash and gave me my first panic attack that literally lasted 3 months. I had never heard of the word anxiety, let alone experienced it.

Sorry if this appears to be long, but maybe if I tell you my story, you'll understand your own a little better. I literally thought I was losing my mind. From the moment I woke up, to the exact minute I'd go to sleep: panic. Sleeping was the only way I could escape. I knew many people, even in my family, who were very much against homosexuality. And that's exactly why I had these intrusive thoughts. Therefore I never said anything. I suffered in silence for 3 months until I told my mom and realized she had the same problem. When she was 14, she thought she was going to hell.

Her aunt raised her to fear God in every aspect and it tormented her for years. I had also gotten to the point where I was too afraid to touch knives because I was afraid I might hurt somebody with them. Now Im 27, still straight lol , and still get these unwanted thoughts from time to time.

No warning at all. For all of you that have this problem, you are not alone.


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If you have nobody to talk to, now you do. Send me an email and we'll hash this out. It's amazing how your mind can try to convince you of something that's so untrue and far from reality. I knew I was straight, but I had another side of thinking not a voice that worked very hard to convince me otherwise. It was relentless. Here's the best part: It starts to go away.

You begin to develop a tolerance to it. You start to understand yourself all too well and understand they are nothing but unwanted thoughts you sadly can't control. Even without medication, the severity starts to subside. Your intrusive thinking may change over time, but human beings have a remarkable way of adapting to anything.

Now I rarely get them, unless I'm highly stressed. Eventually it becomes nothing but a nuisance you'll begin to shrug off. Sadly, one little thought traumatized me to the point where I was never the same happy kid ever again. Amazing- you post was really helpful. I constantly have scary thoughts about my cognitive health because of these random thoughts Hi Im am 34 years old and starting having some intrusive thoughts that started causing major anxiety and feeling of going crazy.

These came out of nowhere, I have been having a hard time coping and its disrupting my life til now.. Thanks for sharing your story. I truly feel I am not alone.

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Hi Eric - Thanks for sharing. I went through a very stressful time this year. Out of nowhere I too began experiencing intrusive thoughts. I was terrified to say the least. As I would never harm anyone intentionally.. I'm now seeing someone for Ocd, I'm on the right track but it takes patience. The way it was described to me was, "My distress surpassed my coping skills and my mind went awry! Literally exactly what I am going through right now.

On June 15th, , I was playing Ghost Recon on my Xbox and then the sudden thought of me possibly being gay popped into my head. Its been causing panic and anxiety ever since then in the exact same way that you described. I know that I am straight, but like you described, there is some other part of my mind that is relentlessly trying to convince me otherwise and it won't go away. Coming across this comment though and your encouraging words are actually helping me realize that these thoughts cannot be farther from the truth.

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I live in a Christian home and I believe that is where these intrusive thoughts come from, similarly to your story. I take comfort in your advice and how I will eventually gain a tolerance to these thoughts. Last year I got into a long bout of anxiety about a different thought I had that.

This is the most scariest thing that has ever happened to me in life! So trust me I know how you felt!!! Trust me it's happened before in numerous occasions. DAY 3 and sleep depraved. Started out on Labor Day with "feeling" I had too much saliva, yes u heard me right, saliva in my mouth Which I know I am not. Now I'm no tired and depressed This is unbelievable.

I eventually get over it.

Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Dark Thoughts

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