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Fanged and Fabulous: An Immortality Bites Novel (Immorality Bites)

I'm boycotting the third book in the series, Lady and the Vamp, because it follows Quinn around, and Sara is nowhere to be seen.

It disappoints me, and although I was sad that Sara was being irrational, I couldn't put this book down and want to read more of Sara and Thierry and Quinn. Good read.

Fanged and Fabulous From Amazon Sarah Dearly has been a vampire for less than two months and is dating a married, much older man with a drinking problem. At the same time she manages to maintain her incorrigible and sassy personality. Now the vampire hunters are intent on killing her, she is dog-sitting a werewolf, she has agreed to investigate her best friend's husband, and she has to let down her former friend. Thierry de Bennicoeur is smart, sexy and rich.

And thanks to his wife, Veronique, has been a vampire for seven centuries.

ISBN 13: 9780575094024

Their official record of vows has been lost in time. Sarah is a breath of fresh air in a long, angst-filled life. Thierry is perfect, minus his wife. Well, we won't go into them.

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Life is not always safe, or sane. Rowan writes with a fun style. That said, the climax of the novel was a bit too anticlimactic for its buildup. Barb Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Fun and light - and Canadian!

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Michelle Rowen. Chapter 2. Chapter Chapter 9. She lives in Southern Ontario. Chapter 3. Chapter 4.

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Fanged and Fabulous is the perfect book to read on a lazy day these Christmas holidays and is filled with one-liners that will make you laugh out loud. Your email address will not be published.

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    Fanged & Fabulous Fanged & Fabulous
    Fanged & Fabulous Fanged & Fabulous
    Fanged & Fabulous Fanged & Fabulous
    Fanged & Fabulous Fanged & Fabulous
    Fanged & Fabulous Fanged & Fabulous
    Fanged & Fabulous Fanged & Fabulous

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