Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul

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What You Will Learn

Nutritional practices and herbs can effectively detoxify your body, mind and spirit. Detoxification is a necessarily counterpart to the nourishing and building aspects of plant medicine. Sara will show you how proper and effective detoxification is essential to keep body, mind and soul in good health.

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Learn how flower essences can detox emotional trauma and other types of mental and emotional suffering that might be interfering with your health and happiness. Learn cleansing safety protocols and ways to detoxify through both gradual and accelerated methods. Herbs and flowers optimize the cleansing process to improve bodily functions, eliminate or reduce disease, heal the mind, increase quality of life and fuel spiritual growth.

In this final module, Sara will help you synthesize all of this helpful information so that you can put your plant medicine protocols into practice.

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These bonuses complement the course — and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level. Flower essences are a primary treatment for what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls "Shen;" the term Shen means the "spirit" that resides in the heart, encompassing and controlling our mental and emotional wellbeing. A flower essence captures the life energy, or Qi, of a flower; this floral energetic information simulates healing within the mind, supports emotional equilibrium, and helps improve our outlook on life. In this article, Sara Crow explores dew and flower essences in light of new research about the possibility that water may have the ability to be imprinted with different patterns of information contained in its environment.

In this context, dew can be described as the alchemical mixing of universal, environmental and floral energies taking place within the vessel of the flower or plant. Drawing from multiple resources, Sara shows that flower essences are a practical way of replicating floral dew qualities and are a subtle yet powerful and effective way to imprint the elemental powers of nature into a form that we can utilize for healing and transformation. Sara worked with me via phone across the country and helped rid me of some lifelong physical pain in addition to eliminating all my menopausal symptoms through her remote healing work.

I experienced profound relief from many of my long standing and fairly serious physical symptoms including significant nerve pain Sara is uniquely gifted at shifting ineffective physical and psycho-spiritual patterns. After only a few treatments from Sara, I have many days with no headaches at all!

I have been to several medical doctors and gone through many treatment protocols over the years for my condition, with no relief whatsoever. This is the first time since I was 9 years old with no headaches! My headaches continue to improve and I know I will be completely free of them soon. I also feel more positive and empowered in my life since working with Sara.

One of the greatest days of my life was a "chance" meeting with Sara one Sunday on a porch in Nevada City. Sara helped me identify the source of this irrational fear and so had no problem being on that boat for four days, kayaking and swimming. The herbs, flower essences and nutritional approach [Sara] took the time to put together is working well I feel healthier and more energized than I have for a long time.

I am happy with the palpable results I even feel like I glow! The personal knowledge and insights [Sara] shares with such evident mastery and love for the flowers continues to unfold for me as my own relationship with the flowers evolve. The results have been transformative Thank you so much for sharing your love and passion.

Top 10 Essential Oils for the Home Pharmacy with David Crow

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn from holistic health expert Sara Crow — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session helps you create the specific skills and abilities to deepen your relationship with plant medicine.

Massage Benefits

Fortunately, scientists in Australia have conducted a study that has reaffirmed ancient wisdom of a medicinal herb know as Elderberry or Sambus nigra. Elderberry is the ultimate immune booster and has more flavonoids than blueberries and the ever-mystic goji berries…hello antioxidants! The list of benefits goes on but let the focus remain on the immune-modulating properties. The study was executed as a double-blind placebo trial on economy passengers travelling overseas from Australia. The passengers took Elderberry extract in capsule form or placebo form for 10 days before their travel and for 5 days after their arrival.

After careful analysis and review, the study confirmed that elderberry has a small chance at completely preventing a cold but certainly lessens that duration of a cold by 2 days on average and significantly reduces symptom severity. While the specific effect that Elderberry has on physical health needs to be further investigated although most scientists agree it is the antioxidants it is clear that there are beautiful benefits to integrating the herb into your daily ritual or before your next upcoming holiday!

Elder berries are famous for their use in colds and flus, especially for nasal congestion. They are considered as diaphoretic and diuretic. Meaning they allow perspiration and urination to release toxins and metabolic waste from the body. This is key for feeling more energetic, recovering from the tissue damage and releasing waste from the immune system defending the body. Our automatic autonomic nervous system is divided into two systems or programs.

One gears up the body to take action for the challenges we face in life, and the other gears down the body to restore, build, and heal. In our hectic society, we most often times practice using mostly our active sympathetic nervous system, and allow our healing parasympathetic nervous system get weak. Most people only think of the parasympathetic nervous system as our state for rest and digesting, or reproduction. This imbalance of using one nervous system more than the other is a strong cause for the rising cases of anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, infertility, and so much more.

One way to counteract this imbalance is to receive massage regularly. Massage induces the relaxing, rebuilding, healing nervous system to help improve this very important state for balanced vitality and quality of life. Try a Thai massage to help heal your nervous system! Click here for more info. Just because that pain in your body went away after a few weeks, doesn't mean that the tension or imbalance of the muscles has gone away.

It means that your nervous system stopped trying to tell you there was an issue because you were ignoring it. It's just like how you loose perception of a ring on your figure, or cloths on your back. If your body is telling you there is an issue, listen to it!!

Here’s What You’ll Receive

When you practice ignoring the signs your body is giving you, bigger problems start to compound in your body and you'll "wake up" to a serious condition. Book one of our most popular massages now! Click here. The longer you have lived with an issue the more sessions it's going to take to recalibrate and train your body into a new state.

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A one hour massage can reset a lot within your tissues, but its a team effort. The therapist shows were the tension is and sets up the opportunity to release, but the receiver must be present to let go of the tension. Overall, the receiver's nervous system has to be the one to tell the muscles to relax. Find out more about one of our most popular massages here Massage is so much more than a luxury or spa treatment.

It has countless therapeutic benefits to remove physical obstacles that impede your ability to live your life. I've had clients that had daily headaches, which were impacting their performance at work.

Or clients with so much knee pain that they stopped hiking, biking, and skiing. All of which were caused just from muscle imbalances. We released the built up tension and then they were able to go back to their lives, doing what they want, with improved performance! Interested in Energy Work? Click Here. How about Thai Massage? More info here. At first I was taken back by her dusty dirt-esque flavor. But as I started spending more time and working with burdock, I have fallen in love with her earthy sweetness!

Burdock is a fantastic cleanser. It contains properties that strengthen your liver and immune system, as well as support proper digestion and elimination of your urinary tract. All of these body systems contain functions to remove used waste materials or unusable resources from your body. You might have heard of Burdock as a blood purifier. It does this by simply supporting the organs that filter or add to our blood circulation.

When I feel boggled down, heavy, and discouraged, I think burdock! Removing the weight of water retention and toxins always makes me feel more light, motivated, and clear! Kavalactone is a compound primarily found in the root of this relative of the pepper plant. The compound is understood to have effects on chemicals that transmit signals from nerve cells to other neurotransmitters in blood such as GABA, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

As an example, the interaction of Kavalactone with the neurotransmitter GABA is known to birth the sleep-inducing and anti-anxiety sensations associated with Kava Kava consumption. Although Kava Kava is generally a safe and gentle herb, it is important to note that idiosyncratic and rare instances have occurred where Kava Kava has been linked to liver damage. Therefore, it is important to always consult your local herbalist when seeking to use Kava habitually.

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Exquisite Bath + Body Elixirs

By Coco Pile There are a variety of ways to use plants for health promotion and body care. Elder flower is a beautiful ally for this job. Just like her brother elder berry, the flower is also great for cleansing. Doing an herbal steam tent or drinking tea with elder flower will aid in mucous expulsion, decrease inflammation of the mucosal lining, reduce mucous production, and dry up secretions. Kava Roo t is a sacred, unifying herb of the South Pacific Islands.

Particularly in Fiji, Kava Root is an integral thread of daily life and the cloak of culture. Typically multiple times a day, tribes o f the heart friends, family, new friends will sit together to embrace one another and add a sense of pause to the day. The root in powder form is strained with water into a large communal bowl. The bowl serves as the centerpiece of a circle of individuals sitting upon the Earth as they drink the earthy and slightly peppery Kava drink out of coconut shells.

Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul
Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul
Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul
Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul
Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul Simple Herbal & Aromatherapy Recipes for your Body, Mind & Soul

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