The Philadelphia Experiment

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Were aliens involved? Of course, the Navy denied everything. The story above is untrue except that Eldridge was a destroyer escort that was commissioned in and named after John Eldridge, Jr. But the Philadelphia Experiment is one of the greatest military hoaxes of the twentieth century.

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So, what happened? In , Morris K. Allende added that Einstein had tutored him personally on such topics as invisibility and faster-than-light travel. Jessup wrote back to Allende, asking what proof he had.

Jessup took Allende as a crackpot — and that is saying something coming from a UFO theorist! The officers had a small number of copies made.

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It now can be purchased on Amazon search for the Varo edition. Jessup died by his own hand in This just fed into the conspiracy theories. Was Jessup assassinated because he knew too much about Allende and the Philadelphia Experiment? All these little details piqued the interest of paranormal researcher Robert Goerman. He found that Carl Allen was an eccentric man, creative, a loner, and liable to fabricate stories. Furthermore, Goerman compiled the facts on the case and pretty conclusively showed that the Philadelphia Experiment did not happen. These people claim to have unusual knowledge, or even to have been personally involved in the experiment.

Much of what is out there is pseudo-scientific psycho-spiritual fluff. Project Rainbow was allegedly an experiment conducted upon a small destroyer escort ship during World War II, both in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and at sea; the goal was to make that ship invisible to enemy detection.

How The Philadelphia Experiment Became Famous Despite Never Happening

The accounts vary as to whether the original idea was to achieve invisibility to enemy radar or whether the prize sought after was more profound: optical invisibility. Either way, it is commonly believed that the mechanism involved was the generation of an incredibly intense magnetic field around the ship, which would cause refraction or bending of light or radar waves around the ship, much like a mirage created by heated air over a road on a summer day.

The legend goes on to say that the experiment was a complete success… except that the ship actually disappeared physically for a time, and then returned.

Einstein allegedly published his Unified Theory around in German, in a Prussian scientific journal, but it was later withdrawn as incomplete. This research was aimed at using intense electromagnetic fields to mask a ship from incoming projectiles, mainly torpedoes.

This was later extended to include a study of creating radar invisibility by a similar field in the air rather than in the water. The story begins in June of , with the U. Eldridge , DE Destroyer Escort , being fitted with tons of experimental electronic equipment.

This included, according to one source, two massive generators of 75 KVA each, mounted where the forward gun turret would have been, distributing their power through four magnetic coils mounted on the deck. The experiment said to have taken place at the Philadelphia Naval Yard and also at sea, took place on at least one occasion while in full view of the Merchant Marine ship S.

Philadelphia Experiment One of The Biggest Military Hoaxes of The 20th Century. So, What Happened?

Andrew Furuseth , and other observation ships. The Andrew Furuseth becomes significant because one of its crewmen is the source of most of the original material making up the PX legend. Carlos Allende , a.

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Carl Allen wrote a series of strange letters to one Dr. Morris K. At hours, on July 22nd, , so the story goes, the power to the generators was turned on, and the massive electromagnetic fields started to build up. A greenish fog was seen to slowly envelop the ship, concealing it from view. Then the fog itself is said to have disappeared, taking the Eldridge with it, leaving only undisturbed water where the ship had been anchored only moments before.

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The elite officers of the Navy and scientists involved gazed in awe at their greatest achievement: the ship and crew were not only radar invisible but invisible to the eye as well! Everything worked as planned, and about fifteen minutes later they ordered the men to shut down the generators. The greenish fog slowly reappeared, and the Eldridge began to de-materialize as the fog subsided, but it was evident to all that something had gone wrong. When boarded by personnel from shore, the crew above deck were found to be disoriented and nauseous.

The Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment
The Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment

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