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I can take a look at the Linux-only backends if the maintainers want this to move forward.

Vault Ages

This requires a Go 1. Since go-keychain already has a split implementation for 1. Sure thing philpennock , PRs are certainly welcome. I'm pretty keen on this too philpennock , I've wanted for ages to show a warning on exec when your credentials are too old. Let me know how I can help wrangle PR's through the other repos too.

That's on the Keybase folks; I went ahead and filed the PR two weeks ago, they've responded in a positive light on the PR but unhappy at the Go 1. But it's a hard dep, the types here are the reason for the Go 1. Steps 2 and 3 are much more subjective and you might have better ways of handling them, but consider this a baseline proposal which works. For both of these, there are vendored dependencies which are not part of the PRs and which would need to be updated.

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For keyring , the vendored go-keychain and for aws-vault , the vendored keyring. Step 3: My zsh usage predates oh-my-zsh and friends and I've never made the switch; this is a native zsh themeable prompt; instructions in that repo's README. This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Thank you for your contributions. Skip to content.

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Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply. That's a lot of caveats, so before I start working on upstreaming, is there interest?

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This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Carl discovers that the evil magic known as science is not necessarily evil; it's just that men put it to evil use, when they could just as easily put it to good.

VAULT OF THE AGES by Poul Anderson | Kirkus Reviews

Some preachifying ensues. Then Carl heads home with a souvenir a flashlight to show his father in the hopes of persuading him that the taboos are so much hogwash, and that they need the knowledge the vault contains, which could not only aid them in their day to day lives, but perhaps help them defeat the Lann. Pursued by Lann on his way home, Carl manages to scare them off with the flashlight. But the powerful Doctors, the Dalesmens' equivalent of a priesthood, will hear none of it; the cities and their forbidden knowledge are taboo, and even a Chief's son is not immune from punishment for breaking taboos.

A Vault of the Ages At Coury

So, when the Dalesmen ride forth to engage the Lann in combat, and get their asses kicked, Carl says the hell with it and secretly rides back to the city with his two friends to recover whatever ancient tools he may find to help save his people from utter destruction. As you can see, it's all very de rigeur adventure. But Anderson makes it wonderfully fun through brisk writing and some spectacular battle scenes.

Yes, there's much hammering home of lessons pertaining to courage, taking control of one's own destiny, and using knowledge and science for Good. Fine, this is a juvenile. What can be said with certainty is that Vault of the Ages gets the job done in the storytelling department. There are some plausibility gaps and minor inconsistencies, and Anderson's use of contemporary character names comes off as an anachronism; hearing Carl announce himself grandly as "Carl, son of Ralph" is just a little snicker-inducing.

Caragh M. O'Brien

Yet this is so much quibbling over details. In a less thoroughly entertaining story, those would be far more damning flaws, but here they are eminently forgivable. All through the tale I was reminded of the rush I got first reading SF as a pre-teen, that sensawunda buzz.

Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages
Vault of the Ages Vault of the Ages

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